Terri NEEDS our help!

All proceeds go to support Terri!

Terri Raines is battling stage 3C Ovarian cancer.  In August of 2020, Terri underwent intense surgery where her doctors removed the primary cancer source, secondary tumors, and other organs that showed signs of cancer.  After successfully completing a lengthy (approximately 5 weeks) surgical recovery at home, she will begin chemotherapy.  The doctors believe her treatments will take a year to complete.

As a self-employed stylist, if she does not work, she simply does not get paid.  The loss of an income for 12 months, or longer, is financially devastating.  When you add the stress of the treatments, coupled with the stress of making sure bills are paid, it just makes us hurt so much for Terri, Eric, and their family.

So, we all decided to step up and do our part.  Terri's out-of-pocket expenses are expected to exceed the $100,000 figure.  

We know that there is significant strength in numbers.  We are holding multiple events, between October and December 31, 2020 to help Terri.  The proceeds are going to support Terri and her needs.  We'd like to relieve Terri and Eric of the stress of the huge financial strain so that they may focus their energy on getting her healthy ASAP!